What About Christmas?

W. Terry Varner
December 17, 2017

What shall the Christian do about the Christmas season? Christians normally understand that Christmas is not sanction by the Bible (cf. Col. 3:17) and that no one knows the exact birth date of Jesus. What about Christmas and the Christian?

ENJOY THE SEASON. Why not enjoy the season as a civil and social holiday, as we do Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc. Are we consistent in opposing the season and then take the day off with pay, Accepting a Christmas bonus, exchanging and receiving Christmas gifts, eating a Christmas meal, etc. What could be nicer of employers than to give their employees these benefits? I have never seen a man who would refuse any of these from his employer. Is there no meaning nor benefit derived from greetings, gifts, visiting, and the food that goes with the season? We are taught, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), and not be ingrates, but to enjoy “everything. . .With thanksgiving” (Philip. 4:6). Do not be a scrooge!

IT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE FOR US TO BUILD MEMORIES. Use the season for an occasion to build strong, rich, and lasting memories for yourself, but especially for your loved ones. Families and individuals should use the season as a time of great joy. Happiness in the world is very limited. Life’s duration is always uncertain (cf. James 4:14). Use the season as a time of renewing, strengthening, and building family ties and being friends with others. Families today are often scattered afar. Perhaps, because of my age, I enjoy more than ever the Christmas season, seeing children get gifts, mistletoe, trees, houses with lights, wrapping paper, and the excitement as well as the overall spirit of the season. Please do not forget the good foods! Families who build such memories will be stronger and never regretful. Remember, “Rejoice with them that rejoice” (Rom. 12:15).

HELP ACKNOWLEDGE THE DEITY OF CHRIST. A preacher friend of mine was chided by his elders for having a Christmas tree in the house owned by the church with the argument, “The world will say there goes a Christian practicing pagan rites. He ought to know better.” He replied, “If I do not put up a Christmas tree, someone will say there goes a Jew who does not believe in Jesus.” [By the way, the elders had a Christmas tree in their house.] Another preacher was told by the elders, “put up a tree and we will remove it.” [These elders had no trees but exchanged gifts.] The mere fact that so many in the world find Christ popular enough after almost 2,000 years that they desire to celebrate His birthday, without knowing the date, is great proof of His deity.

CAN I SAY “MERRY CHRSITMAS”? Can I say “Merry Christmas” without sinning? Why not? It is reasoned by some that the word “Christmas” means “Christ’s + mass” and to use it is to support a false religion. The word no longer means this. We do not question using the word “Sunday,” whose origin referred to the sacred day of the sun. What if you lived on Christmas Island? Would you refuse to put your return address on your mail? Would you share your address with others? But you object that it is used in a non-religious sense. That is our point. Christmas is not a religious holy day. Enjoy the season!