M And M's

W. Terry Varner
August 13, 2017

I love M & M’s. In this article, I am not concerned about the flavorful, brightly colored chocolate candies so many of us devour when given the chance. What I am referencing is about an entirely different sets of M and M’s: Mind, Memory, and Mercy.

Man’s Mind. Did you ever think where your remarkable mind came from? It did not come by the chance of evolution. When we reflect on its power, man’s mind is remarkable. When God created man “in His image and after His likeness” (cf. Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7), He gave man a remarkable mind. He gave animals minds also. When God created man, He gave man a mind with distinct creative ability, but so very different from the minds of the animals.

Birds build nests—often to hide from their enemies. Spiders spin intricate webs to catch their food and the webs dazzling when lit heavy with dew and sunlight. Fish live and swim in water keeping the ecosystem balanced and giving the man food when he catches them. They existed before man as man was made last being the crown and apex of all of God’s creation (cf. Genesis 1). However, through centuries upon centuries the animals have existed, they have never changed their habitat.

On the other hand, man continually changes his habitats. Think about where men have lived through the centuries and how they nave built buildings—from caves, tents, mud shacks, wood houses, and brick houses to the 2,717 feet Bur] Khalifa in Dubai. That is more than a half a mile (2,640 feet in a half mile). When you consider the construction marvels of man—the massive pyramids of the Egypt, the marble temples of the Greeks and Romans, and our towering skyscrapers dotting our horizons—we conclude with ease that God gave man a remarkable mind.

Man’s Memories. It is remarkable how much we can recall. I can remember things that happened when I was two! Some doubt this, but I can tell things and date them historically, so I know they are true. I have heard others who could recall memories from this age. Alas, as we age and our physical abilities began to deteriorate, one of the first things we notice is a loss of memory. This past Tuesday, I nad a visitor at the house and he was here for an hour and a half. I have known him for years. He is a family friend. After he left, I asked Lillie, “what is his name.” She had trouble remembering and finally I remembered his name. Did you ever forget where you placed your car keys or cell phone?

We treasure our memories. We keep diaries, scrapbooks, photo albums, films, recordings, etc. We use our God-given memories to reminisce about our children, our friends, our trips, and especially all our pleasant experiences. Yet, there are some memories that we would like to forget—sinful things; i.e. envy, pride, selfishness, etc.,—things we would like to “do over” because we missed opportunities. It is sad that our memory loss does not seem to remove all of those. We do have a consolation in this life and the next, our slate of wrong doings have been cleansed when we live to please God (cf. 1 John 1:7). God made a promise to us: “their [your] sins I will remember no more” (Heb.8:12).

God’s Mercy. Someone wrote of our sins: “They’re underneath the blood of the cross of Calvary, as far removed as darkness is from dawn; In the sea of God’s forgetfulness, that’s good enough for me, Praise God, my sins are gone!” That is God’s Mercy!!!