Biblical Ignorance

W. Terry Varner
June 11, 2017

I am convinced that one of the grave defects today is our failing to practice the good old habit of the custom of privately reading and studying of the Bible. Between the growth of the Internet, iPhones, and iPads, I get the strong impression that our Bibles are not being read, studied, and practiced as carefully as they were years ago.

It would be fair to state that there are more Bibles in America than since America was settled. We buy more Bibles, we sell more Bibles, we print more Bibles, and we distribute more Bibles than ever in the past. I fear we forget that to have the Bible is one matter, but to read and study the Bible ourselves is quite another matter.

We could probably describe the Bible in a normal American house as a book seldom if ever read and studied. In one house, it may be found in the comer—untouched as the day it was purchased and brought home. In another house and with its owner name imprinted in the lower right-hand corner, it lies undisturbed serving as a silent witness against its owner. In another house, it might lie on the coffee table or be found stacked on a bookshelf only to be picked up to record a birth, wedding, or death of a family member. It some houses, the Bible may be found in a drawer among things seldom if ever used. Sad, solemn, and scary but true.

These things alone cause me to declare, not with arrogance but with great sadness, that biblical ignorance is widely prevalent. Biblical ignorance can be seen in that many who read the Bible do not read it correctly. Many do not read the Bible with any purpose; i.e. they read the Bible a chapter or a few verses at a time without reflection and application. The appetite and pleasure of reading the Bible is missing. Many are glad when they have finished the occasional reading. Sad, solemn, and scary but true.

You may challenge what I have said and ask for evidence to prove my point. My major evidence is a simple biblical concept—Neglect of the Bible is like the disease of the body—it shows in a man’s conduct or behavior. The Bible is a lamp and light to our path (cf. Ps. 119:105). The Bible guards us from sin (cf. Ps. 119:11). The Bible is profitable for our beliefs and guidance of conduct (2 Tim. 3:16). Neglect of the fact there is another life after this life on the Earth.

With thousands of professing Bible believers, and some are New Testament Christians, there is an enormous ignorance of Bible teaching. So many, including some Christians, could not give a clear account of distinctive biblical teaching. They could not tell another how to be saved, how to worship, or how to live a Christian life. Gender in marriage compromises biblical teaching. Addiction to drugs, medicine, men’s teachings, etc., constantly compromise biblical principles. Can I suppose such people are searching the Scriptures? I cannot and I do not believe they do. I contend the ignorance of the Bible is enormous.

I believe one reason many neglect the Bible is because of their utter indifference to truth and false teaching which results from failing to read and study the Bible, as well as, a callous disregard of the its pages. As to truth, society is at the point that there are no absolutes, but rather whatever you believe is acceptable to you. As to false teaching, what difference does it make? Swallow everything without inquiry and believe all things others teach without proof. I ask no difference and acceptable to whom—the believer or God? We forget God counts in what we believe and how we act because He tells us what to believe and how to act. It matters eternally how God views religious, moral, and ethical matters.