Not On My Watch

W. Terry Varner
May 21, 2017

I do not know about you but the entertainment industry irritates me. Yes, there are good movies, plays, shows, etc. When you go to dine out, music plays in the background to entertain you. Not always my type of music. Technology enables us to download movies on our cell phones and Netflix allows us to download and watch movies on TV any time of the day. Movie theaters, when I was a child were single theaters, now show multiple movies at the same time in multiple theaters. TV shows insist on giving us glimpses of the lives of actors and actresses whether or not we want to know about their lives. Most of their lives are horribly outstep with God’s and they, nor we do not even seem ashamed.

When I was a child, I remember the entertainment industry was a friend of the family. How times have changed. I ask you a simple question, “Is it possible that the entertainment industry (Hollywood) has taken direct aim at the God of the Bible and people of faith?” I would answer in the affirmative. How would you answer?

Michael Medved, in his book Hollywood vs. America, argues that the entertainment industry is a hostile attack upon people of faith and values in America. He writes: “The distortions and insults about religion will continue unabated as long as our popular culture continues its overall campaign against judgment and values. A war against standards leads logically and inevitably to hostility toward religion because it is religious faith that provides the ultimate basis for all standards.”

Surely, you will agree that too many in Hollywood’s entertainment industry have made it clear, through their political and disdaining views for God and Christianity, they have no tolerance for people who hold to a system of absolutes. Do not forget that God is the God of distinctions. In reading Genesis we read that God distinguishes between light and darkness, water and dry Earth, and between lower animals and man. In the distinction between lower animals and man, that, which helps make man unique is we can distinguish between good and evil. Animals cannot and animals do not.

Watch TV for a period of time and you will come to see that many in the entertainment industry outright dismiss people of faith. They claim the problem is Christianity’s exclusiveness and intolerance. That means that Christianity is opposed to their sins. So is God. These same entertainers “foam at the mouth” toward those upholding family values and espousing a divine worldview. Many music, movie, and television award programs express a comedic and vile hatred of intolerance of anything representing our Savior, Jesus Christ. While the entertainment industry continues to wallow in the sewer of debauchery, I cannot control Hollywood. But, I do not have to subjugate myself to their mindless tripe and I do not have to pay them to continue to assault my faith and values.

Medved claims there is good news concerning the entertainment industry. He writes the following: “In 1967, the first year in which Hollywood found itself free to appeal to the public without the restrictions of the old Production Code, American pictures drew an average weekly audience of only 17.8 million—compared to the weekly average of 38 million who had gone to the theaters just a year before!” Since writing the above, the attendance Has spiked breaking all attendance records and box office income. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Prov. 14:34).