Our Culture and Life (II)

W. Terry Varner
December 27, 2015

So many Christians are caught up in the spirit of the times. Many want various shades of grey and they determine which shadeit is grey. Many reject the biblical teaching that truth is absolute and different from error. Because of the spirit of our age, some Christians are opposed to taking and uncompromising stand against sin and that which is wrong. Many desire to steer clear of controversy, omitting any negatives, and emphasizing only positives. This is applicable for unity, doctrinal topics, and moral matters. Much of our thinking stems from the 1960s from John Fletcher and his theory of situation ethics. Many forewarned society that the seeds of situational ethics would bring us to a confused, indifferent society. We noticed in the last writing that (1) God is unchanging, (2) Man must repent and embrace God, and (3) Man must understand the times. Consider some additional thoughts.

Men must live and love the truth. “Renew our days as of old, said Jeremiah in(Lamentations 5:21). Someone objects by reasoning, “You are advocating we live in the past. After all this is the 21st century. Do you really want to go back to. . . ?” This is not Jeremiah’s nor my point. Allow me to make an assessment that I believe is unanswerable. Neither politics, education, science, philosophy, world religions, or whatever is able to address our cultural issues correctly. That is a strong statement, but it is correct. The answer to man’s cultural issues is simple—a spiritual renewal of God’s truth which is eternal and never grows old or outdated.

Here are some examples in the area of morality and ethics. I believe you will agree. Let us return the days when (1) men and women stayed married for life; (2) where marriage is defined between only a man and a woman, (3) where integrity and honesty governed our actions, not only in leadership but in daily life, (4) where politicians told the truth without deceit, (5) when a politician remained faithful to his spouse, (6) where truth, compassion, and the needs of our fellowman were considered more important than one’s personal success, and (7) where God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity were held in the highest esteem and defended fervently and effectively against the forces of the anti-Christ in society and government.

The Christian must advocate cultural change. Yes, t am for cultural change. I agree with the Bible, “Return to Me; and . . . put away your abominations out of my sight” (Jeremiah 4:1). I read that Benjamin Franklin sent the delegates of the First Continental Congress on a three-day recess to pray and invoke God’s blessings before forging one of the greatest uninspired documents known and ever to govern man. We could not do that today, because we do not want to do it because we must be politically correct. Our government, and we as individuals, need and must pray and seek God’s favor in our life.

As Christians we ought to be in the lead and accept, without shame, the criticism toward us from the unbeliever. Jonah preached repentance to the great city of Nineveh and gave them 40 days to repent (John 3:4) and they did (Jonah 3:10). Will it work in our society? Well it would not hurt to try, but it is not politically correct so we wont do it. As Jonah was “displeased” with Nineveh’s repentance (Jonah 4:1), so we would have those in our nation who would be displeased IF we turn to God, fell down in prayer and worshipped. Our culture needs a “fix” and so does our life. God help us. God will if we allow Him.