Who Is In A Hurry?

W. Terry Varner
November 8, 2015

Too many people are in a hurry. But, did you realize that God is not in a hurry? Too many are willing to sacrifice the long range for the immediate. Have we not all done so at some time or another? The individual who does not learn patience is not likely to learn many other of life’s lessons. Life demands patience. For example, patience is required to learn to read, to write, and to master a subject. We have all learned patience in physical growth. Do you remember when you could not wait until you were old enough, tall enough, etc., to do certain things? God has ordained maturity as a process that is often slow (cf. Eph. 4:15). It is not an instant process. I am glad as it has given me time to adjust to many elements of maturing.

Impatience is a sign of immaturity. James, the brother of our Lord Jesus Christ, taught this as true. “But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect [complete] and entire, wanting nothing” (James 1:4).

In life, a short wait at a doctor’s office, to many, is unbearable. All the while we forget that someone whom he is attending may need extra time. When one is patient it shocks others. Several years ago, I had an appointment at 12:30 with a neurosurgeon. The receptionist explained that the good doctor would be late. He was called into emergency surgery. She said you can wait here, shop for a couple of hours, or reschedule. I replied, No problem, I will sit here and read.” She said, “most patients would be upset, are you not?” I replied, “No. I have several things I can occupy my time with and a good friend is with me.” The receptionist called me at 4:30 and the doctor saw me as planned. My good friend and I solved many problems we discussed and I was able to read some important material that I needed for a project on which I was writing.

Your life and my life is no different from the lives of Bible characters. Abraham and Sarah became impatient waiting for their promised son (Gen. 12:1-3). Sarah gave Abraham, Hagar to be his wife and she bore him a son named Ishmael (Gen. 16:1-3). But Ishmael was not the “son promised by God” to Abraham and Sarah. Moses was impatient and smote the rock to bring forth water and lost his opportunity to enter the Promised Land (Num. 20:1-12). Moses was able to view the Promised Land from afar, but he never entered it. He died in Mt. Nebo which was East of the Jordan River.

Someone said, “God’s delays are not God’s denials.” God’s “delays” are the means by which He prepares us for something better. This is God’s providence working. We are reminded by the apostle Paul, in a very important verse that all should memorize, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28). Think seriously about this passage. It includes those things which at times perplex us and pains us along with those inevitable joys, blessings, and good things along life’s way which He has in store for us. This is how we are taught patience and maturity. Patience requires us to surrender patiently to His will.

God grows mushrooms overnight. He also takes time to grow an oak tree. It took thirteen years to mature Joseph to be Egypt’s Prime Minister (Gen. 42:6). He invested eighty years preparing Moses to lead Israel. Jesus was prepared for His ministry some thirty years before He began. Out of years of preparation (maturing) comes bountiful blessings to each of us. Consequently, we are all richer and more blessed for them.