Man's Greatest Relationship

W. Terry Varner
April 25, 2015

Think of all of the great relationships that man enjoys—husband and wife, parents and children, employer and employee, friends with friends, etc. What is the greatest relationship we can enjoy? It is none of these because not everyone marries, not everyone has children, not everyone is an employee or employer, etc. The most important relationship has to be the one which all mankind can have and enjoy; i.e. man’s relationship to God. Why is this the greatest relationship of mankind?

Man’s Relationship with God. Man is unique. Of all creation and life that exists, man is not common but unique. Mankind is the only life created in the image and likeness of God. Man was created to glorify God (cf. Rev. 4:11; Isa. 40:13; Gen. 2:15-17).

All relationships except man’s relationship with God is temporary. We can, and sadly often do, have a dissolving of our relationships. However, man’s relationship with God continues after death. Our relationships with others in this life are temporary but our relationship continues with God past the day of death. Nothing is more important than our relationship with God for as we enter eternity we come face to face with our eternal destiny and with our Creator in the judgment. This makes man’s relationship with God undoubtedly the greatest and most important relationship we can ever enjoy. This is why we must have a good relationship with God. Do you?

Man’s Attitude Toward His Relationship with God. Man can express varying attitudes toward his relationship with God—he can live faithfully, or he can live in indifference and lukewarmness, or he can live in denial and rejection of God and His existence. The latter two attitudes are more common than we like and want to admit. Some live in indifference and lukewarmness to God. They want God only in crises and not in their life day-by-day. The rejection of God’s existence relates to and affects our lives here as well as in eternity. Many who claim, “I do not believe in God,” will then add “the fact that there is no God makes no difference to my life at all.” Those who reason in this manner need to rethink their life with more seriousness.

Man’s Denial of God Is Anticipated by God. One of the unique traits of the Bible is that the Bible anticipates error and answers it before we embrace and teache it. Consider, the man who has no relationship with God in his mind, but who denies God exists. In the days of David, there were those like mankind in the 21st century. Twice in the book of Psalms, David says, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Ps. 14:1; 53:1). The statement by David is blunt. David states that the individual who denies that God exists is a “fool.” David does not state, “Some of the people who say there is no God are fools,” but rather each and everyone who denies that God exists is a fool. David makes what is known as an universal statement without qualification or exception. Anyone, it does not matter who, who says, “There is no God is a fool.”

You might say, “David made the statement centuries ago when men had not advanced in learning. You really do not believe in this 21st century that anyone who denies God is a fool, do you?” My answer is “YES.” I say it with concern about one’s relationship with God. I emphasize that man’s relationship with God is the vital matter of all matters. Things both in the life and in this next that depend upon our relationship with God are the most important of all things. This is why we need to obey the gospel and live our life daily in following our God. Please do so.