The Day Jesus Came

W. Terry Varner
June 22, 2014

J. Wilbur Chapman, a Presbyterian minister, penned a song which has given him everlasting fame as long as men shall sing on earth praises to God. The song is “One Day.” Looking carefully at the chorus, we find the entire story of redemption told.

“Living—He loved me!
Dying—He saved me!
Buried—He carried my sins far away!
Rising—He justified freely, forever!
One He’s coming—O glorious day!”

The Old World Has Seen Some Great Days.

  • It was a great day, when God created the heavens and the earth.
  • It was a great day when God set Adam and Eve, parents of the human race, in the Garden of Eden.
  • It was an important day, but tragic, when they fell to sin with its consequences passed on the entire human race which followed.
  • It was a great day, when God’s mighty man, Moses, led Israel out of bondage in Egypt and toward the promised land.
  • It was a great day when Solomon dedicated the finest building ever erected—the Temple to God’s glory.
  • It was a great day when Columbus discovered America.
  • It was a great day when each of the many reformers began their move to study the Bible again after being chained to pulpits for ages.
  • It was a great day when Saul (Paul) was converted to Christ and he became the greatest preacher to the Gentiles of all time.
  • It was a great day when “in the fullness of time, God sent forth His Son” (Gal. 4:4).  God does everything right on His time. He is never too early or too late. What followed concerning Jesus is wonderful.

While there have been many great days, the greatest of days was when Jesus died and rose again for the sins of the world.

One Day Jesus Was Born into the World. The Godhead planned the coming of Jesus into world from all eternity past. Because of man’s sin and disobedience, he was lost (Isa. 59:1-2). But God still loved man who was the apex of His creation. “For God SO loved the world . . . that He gave His only begotten Son” (John 3:16, emp. added). The small word SO carries tremendous depth of meaning; i.e. God loved man with an everlasting love, a sacrificial love, a love that knew no bounds, and a love that gave all.

God’s method of sending Jesus into the world is as follows: His Son was bom of woman (Gal. 4:4). The woman was a virgin and was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35; Matt. 1:20). God sent the angel Gabriel to the virgin named Mary telling her that she would bring forth a Son and His name would be Jesus (Luke 1:31; Matt. 1:21).

The birth of Jesus is interesting. Jesus could have come in a myriad of ways. He could have come into civilization as a full grown man, but He was bom a helpless babe. Why? Surely, it was because God wanted Him to experience being a normal human being. He face temptation, sorrow, suffering, so that He could help us when we are tempted (Heb. 4:15). Sadly, “He came to His own and His own received Him not” (John 1:11). A few choice souls obeyed Him. Have you?