Eternity Is Approaching!

J. D. Conley
January 14, 2018

The new year has already aged two weeks. The year of our Lord, 2018, is quietly unwinding. Before we know it, this year will be spent and recorded upon the brittle yellow leaves of time. Yes, time is passing, which means eternity is approaching. Eternity is closer for us than it has ever been, due to the fact that we have less time than we've ever had. Since eternity is inexhaustible and cannot be spent, we must concern ourselves with the question, "Where shall we be in eternity?" Will our souls be ushered and ensconced in, heaven, or cast and consigned into hell?

The brevity, fragility and the uncertainty of physical life, should inspire serious pause for reflection regarding the eternal destination of our soul. What the Bible has to say about the eternality of hell should be enough for anyone to make sure they avoid ending up there, (Mt. 10:28; 25:46, Mk.9:43-48). Likewise, what the Bible has to say about the eternal splendor of heaven should serve as a great motivation for everyone to go there, (Rev.21:3-4, 9-27).

When one meditates upon the fact of eternity, it almost produces a gasping for air. The finite mind cannot apprehend the infinite. The best mortals can do is to comprehend the concept of eternity and to embrace the Biblical teaching regarding it. Indeed, unsettling is the thought that eternity is drawing nearer. It's unnerving because we as human beings are governed by time and have no personal experience with eternity. But we will face it, we. must face it. But our sudden confrontation with eternity will be bearable because of Christ, (Ps.23:4; Phi.4:13). But for the unbeliever, their introduction to eternity will be terrifying! (Ps.1:4-6; Mt.7:21-23, 13:41,42; Rom.14:11).

A Google search failed to locate who wrote the following: "Days quickly pass, too soon alas! Stormy or bright, how swift their flight From morn to night - ETERNITY! Eternity! What will it be For you and me, when o'er life's sea Our barque shall be? When wrath foretold all lands enfold, When rocks shall rend, when time shall end: Where will you spend ETERNITY? With Christ to reign, His bliss to gain? Or - endless pain from sin's deep stain, With sad refrain - ETERNITY!

"Prepare to meet thy God..." (Amos 4:12).