The First First Day Of The Week Of 2018

J. D. Conley
January 7, 2018

What shall we do with this first Lord’s Day of the new year? Let us:

Worship In Spirit And In Truth. Our Lord requires it, (John 4:24). May we mean the words we sing in melodious praise. May our minds be engaged upon the savage scene of the cross as the Lord’s Supper is observed. As we are led in prayer may our hearts mentally genuflect before God’s majestic throne. May our monetary contribution match our prosperity and be given with abundant forethought and cheer. As God’s Word is expounded upon may we seek to learn and apply it to our daily lives.

Live Our Religion. When we depart this building may we take what we have learned and live it the balance of this day as well as the remainder of the week. We assemble to worship and leave to serve. Far too many of us fail to take what we have learned outside the confines of the church building. We soon forget to make application or we fail to see the need for us to do so being quick to think the lessons only apply to others.

Not Neglect To Come Back Tonight. The evening service has fallen on hard times and is sparsely attended. Sadly, it’s this way all over the brotherhood. Because of this disinterest in the Sunday evening worship service the growing trend is to simply do away with it. More than a few congregations have taken this action, may it never happen here. Not only is the Sunday evening service a fitting capstone for the Lord’s Day, it is another blessed opportunity and privilege to worship our great God. Why would any right thinking Christian feel compelled to do anything less?

Determine To Attend Every Worship Service And Bible Class. Many choose not to come to Bible Class on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. May that habit be broken in 2018. We should never feel adequate in our knowledge of God’s Word but always have the desire to learn more. Some have been in the church for decades and are still feeding on the milk of the word. They are still learning the basics, (1Peter 2:2; Hebrews 5:12). Strive in 2018 to take advantage of each Bible class to enrich your knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

May God grant us the resolve to use this year in devoted service to Him, while doing our best to reach the teeming lost around us with the Gospel of His dear Son. Only then can we hope to hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant...enter thou into the joy of thy lord” (Matthew 25:21).