Honoring Christ

J. D. Conley
December 17, 2017

"That all men should honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He that honoreth not the Son honoreth not the Father which hath sent him" (Jn.5:23). The only approach to the Father is through the Son, (Jn.14:6). He who reflects the Son, reflects the Father. So, to honor the Son is to honor the Father. How do we honor Christ?

By Making The Good Confession.

Jesus acknowledged that He was the Christ, that He was king, (Mk.14:61,62). He died for this truthful confession. Peter, John and the Eunuch confessed Christ, (Mt.16:16; Jn.20:30,31; Acts 8:36,37). To foil to confess Christ before men is to dishonor Christ, (Mt.10:32,33). All men will be forced to confess Christ in the last day, (Phi.2:11).

By Christian Baptism.

The importance of baptism is seen in the fact that Christ submitted to it, (Mt.3:14,15). Christ commanded all men to be baptized, (Mt.28:19; Mk.16:16). Baptism pictures the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (Rom.6:3,4).

By Thoughtfully Partaking Of His Supper.

The early church observed it, (Acts 2:42). This observance was continued, (Acts 20:7). Corinth observed this sacred feast, (1Cor.11:23-30). Today Christians have an appointment to meet together on the Lord’s day to observe this memorial as well. To neglect it it to dishonor Christ

By Wearing The Name "Christian."

...and by refusing to wear any other. The church belongs to Christ, (Acts 20:28). Therefore, the church should be called by His name, (Mt.16:18). We are to be called by this name, (Acts 11:26,26:28). By wearing this name we honor Christ If we fail to wear it, we dishonor Him.

By Conforming Our Lives To The Teaching Of The New Testament.

To honor Christ we must follow the pattern He set before us. A beautiful type of this principle is found in the life of Moses. God wanted to dwell with His people, Israel. In order to do so He commanded them to erect a tabernacle and a sanctuary. Since it was to be God's dwelling place it could not be of human origin. So Grod took Moses upon the mountain and revealed to him the whole plan of the tabernacle, (Ex.25:9). Not a single detail wasjo be left to Moses* imagination. The entire blueprint was handed down by God, which even included the vessels of the tabernacle, (Ex.25:39,40). Moses could not deviate from this pattern. Even so we must make all things according to the pattern for our work and worship of Christ.

By Our Substance.

We give to Him of our living, (1Cor.16:2; 2Cor.9:7) Christians are stewards, (1Cor.4:1,2). Our being rewarded in heaven depends upon our faithful stewardship here, (Lk.16:9-12).

By Becoming Christians Exactly In The Way He Appointed.

By hearing, believing, repenting, confessing, and baptism.

May We Seek to Honor Christ In Each Of These Ways.