Lets Be Thankful To God

J. D. Conley
November 19, 2017

Provided the Lord does not return before Thursday, and the earth still stands, and we are permitted to draw breath, another day of Thanksgiving will be observed. How many does this make now? God has certainly been good to us all. What He asks of us in return is very little, yet it is very important. He desires and enjoins gratitude and thankfulness on our part.

First let us ask, "Are we thankful?" Being inundated with blessings such as we are, it is easy to become accustomed to having whatever we want, when we want it. It is easy to spoil ourselves and not be as thankful as we should. A sense of entitlement might even creep into our psyche causing us to not only not be thankful for what we have, but to also become resentful over some things we can't have. Once we begin to behave this way, then we certainly will fail to be thankful for the countless other blessing in our life. Let us resolve to be thankful and grateful over life's abundant blessings.

Second, "Are we thankful to God?" He is the source of all blessings, both material and spiritual, (cf. Jas.17; Eph.1:3). It is not enough just to be thankful. What good is being thankful if we fail to acknowledge the source? Being thankful demands that someone is to be thanked. Gratitude without acknowledging the giver is akin to selfishness. Just thinking we are glad we have this or have that, and that's as far as our gratitude extends, is not gratitude at all. We can be glad about our blessings and not be grateful. We can be thrilled and not be thankful. Therefore, thanksgiving requires an object toward which it is to be directed. Of course, this object and source is God the Father.

Third, "Will we be thankful to God everyday?" One can be thankful to God, but still not show it as much as he ought. Once a year is woefully lacking. Its good that our country has set a day aside to be thankful to God. But the Christian will be careful to give God thanks each of the other 364 days of the year. In fact, we ought to be thankful, that we can be thankful, this often!

Fourth, "Are you thankful to God today?" Just a quick perusal of His blessings should move us to be thankful to God this very day, for this very moment in fact Let everyday be a day of thanksgiving to God. David asked, "What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving" (Ps.116:12,17).

Count your many blessings... See what God hath done!