"Will The Lord Find Faith On The Earth?"

J. D. Conley
November 12, 2017

On that day for which all other days have been made, when Christ descends in the clouds, will He find faith on the earth? He will, but not to the degree He will find other things, viz.:

  1. He will find millions of Bibles.
  2. He will find magnificent church buildings.
  3. He will find enchanting religious ceremonies.
  4. He will find theological seminaries.
  5. He will find many simulated pictures of Himself in thousands of homes.
  6. He will find countless books on His life.
  7. He will find religious programs of every stripe.
  8. He will find untold members of the church of Christ.
  9. He will find a vast variety of denominations.
  10. He will find beautiful hymns praising Him.

But How Much Faith Will He Find?

When Christ returns He will not be looking for:

  1. The most popular preachers.
  2. The most popular members.
  3. The most highly educated.
  4. The most wealthy.

The Text Says He Will Look For Faith!

Solomon wrote: "My son, give me thy heart and let thine eyes observe my ways " (Pro.23:26). Christ settles for nothing less.