American Attrocities

J. D. Conley
October 22, 2017

America has her share of sins. Two of the most brazen are homosexual marriage and the wholesale abortion of the unborn. Either of these is atrocious enough! When America's other transgressions are factored in it must be confessed we are a nation steeped in sin.

But the atrocities that shall be discussed here, are limited to the recent upsurge in the shooting massacres that have taken place upon our soil. They have become too numerous to mention, yet cannot be erased from our minds. The list includes Las Vegas, Orlando, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Charleston, etc. Even our own brethren have been involved as seen a few weeks ago in Antioch, TN. The "War On Cops" continues to be waged and the murders in Chicago continue to mount. One can no longer go into a movie theater or a restaurant without fear. The carnage on display is unprecedented in the United Sates of America. These types of atrocities were not taking place on the scale they are now just a few years ago. The media has dubbed this cultural shift as, "the new normal." Such is detestable to even acknowledge, but tragically, perhaps it is the case.

Right thinking people clearly know why our culture has reached this current degree of rot. When God and His Word are shunned and denied, and the guardrails of right and wrong are torn down, anything goes! That's precisely the problem in America at the present time. If a mother can kill her own innocent unborn child without a pang of conscience, not to mention legally, and therefore with impunity, then why should it be a surprise when other forms of senseless slaughter take place? The devaluation of human life is prevalent in our society because God no longer is.

The only thing that will put an end to the atrocities in America is a full scale return to God and His Word as the governing standard. That begins with the church once more proclaiming the gospel on the scale its once did, but for some reason abandoned, (Rom.1:16). Our preaching needs to be coupled with fervent prayer, (Jas.5:16). Desired changes will never come apart from changing people's thinking. Change the heart, change the culture!

Either the gospel will put a stop to "the new normal," or the Lord's return will! Which will come first?