My Four Days At Sunrush

J. D. Conley
October 8, 2017

This past Wednesday evening I concluded my third gospel meeting with the Sunrush church in Chillicothe. I have somewhat of a history with this good church, in that'my father-in-law held many meetings there in the past, my brother-in-law, Eddie, preached there for fifteen years, and I've had two preaching school classmates preach there, Russ Thomas and James Rankhorn. I've also spoken at Sunrush on various lectureships and other engagements. Because of this long time association, Denise and I felt very welcomed and at ease, in their midst.

The meeting was well attended at each session with 73 there for Sunday morning worship followed by dinner on the grounds. Although I didn't get an exact count at the evening sessions, they averaged above 50 and perhaps topped 60 on one occasion. The singing was beautiful and Tuesday night was preacher's night. Bill Meyers from Washington Court House, Mark Bass from Alkire Road, and James Martin from East Point, were some of the preachers who came to support the meeting. Wednesday night, James Rankhorn and his wife Terri were able to be present.

But it was the members at Sunrush who made the meeting a success. Most of them were there each night. It was apparent that a lot of work and planning had gone into this evangelistic effort. The elders and deacons worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly. Many prayers were offered before and during the meeting that it might be a success. I believe God answered those prayers. A few told me they are going to distribute CD's of the lessons to their friends and neighbors. Hopefully, fruit will be borne for years to come due to the efforts of the Sunrush brethren.

One of the highlights of these four days was getting to know Ron Thomas and his wife Anne. They began working with the church there a year ago and are doing a great job. Their daughter, Jenny, and Shalyn, were roommates when they began Freed-Hardeman University.

Please keep this good church in your prayers and thank you for allowing Denise and I to be away these four days. May we always strive to have " unto all the saints" (Ephesians 1:15).