The Blessings Of Visiting

J. D. Conley
July 23, 2017

Our daily schedules are full, the days on our calendars are marked out. Earning a living requires diligence, and the needs of family press constantly against us. All of this, and more, is understandable and required of us, (1Tim.5:8; 2Thess 3:10, etc.). But may it not be overlooked that there are other things that need constant attention as well, such as visiting and encouraging our brethren in Christ. It's easy to get caught up in our own affairs to the point of inadvertently excluding others. Lets us use this space to set forth a few of the blessings of Christians visiting one another.

Visiting Is Commanded. John wrote, "Blessed are they that do his commandments" (Rev.22:14). James exhorts, "... visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction" (Jas.1:27). There are many among us who are "afflicted." They need our help and encouragement. Although the word "visit"here is not limited to a social call, social calls can be of great encouragement. The social call shows love and concern for the one being visited. Paul greatly desired visiting his brethren, (Acts 15:36, 28:20; Rom.1:11, 15:24: 1Cor.15:7; 1Thess.3:10, etc.) In the great Judgment scene of Matthew 25, Jesus put emphasis on visiting. Thus, we have direct commands, indirect commands, as well as examples in the NT for us to visit.

The One Visited Is Encouraged. This is known is various ways. When we had been afflicted with some problem or loss, and a dear brother or sister came in person to check in on us, remember how much better you felt? Also when you go to make a visit, even before the visit ends, you can detect that it made them feel better. At least it took their mind off things for a little while. One of the very best ways to obey Rom. 12:10 is by making a visit. There Paul says, "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another." A few verses later he commands, "Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep" (Rom. 12:15). It’s much easier to obey this if we don't neglect the personal visit.

The One Visiting Is Encouraged. One always feels better and has a better sense of self-worth when they do as God's Word teaches. Visiting is one of the most unselfish things Christians can do. It shifts the focus off of self and puts it on somebody else. When that is accomplished true happiness is the result.

I challenge you to go out and make a visit! It's a three-way win every time because you will be pleased, the one you visit will be pleased, and most importantly, God will be pleased and glorified, Mt.5:16!