"Swiftly We're Turning Life's Daily Pages"

J. D. Conley
June 4, 2017

Among the most poignant hymns sung by the saints is, Into Our Hands, worded by sister Ruth Johnson Carruth, and set to music by brother Tillit S. Teddlie, in the year 1939. True to the relentless march of time, seventy-eight years of life's daily pages have already turned over since this song was composed.

Here it is, already, the fourth day of June 2017. It seems just a few days ago we were welcoming in the new year. Now this year is half over and the leaves of time continue to flip over. As our sister wrote, "swiftly the hours are changing to years." Then on the heels of this undeniable fact, she queried, "how are we using God's golden moments? Shall we reap glory? Shall we reap tears?"

Eternity is ever approaching and death beds are looming. Unless the Lord makes His glorious return in the clouds soon, we shall all die, (Hebrews 9:27). The older we become the more pronounced the brevity, fragility and uncertainty of life is. God's Word is replete with passages that underscore the rapidity and the unknowns of physical life. It's compared to "water spilled on the ground; the swiftness of a weaver's shuttle; a tale that is told; a vapor that appeareth for a little while; withering grass and fading flowers, etc. (2 Samuel 14:14; Job 7:6; Psalm 90:9; James 4:14; James 1:11, IPeter 1:24). When our sister penned the lyrics, "swiftly we're turning life's daily pages," she simply emphasized Bible teaching.

Therefore the pressing question is, "What are we doing in this tiny span of time called life, that is squeezed in between the towering walls of eternity?" "How are we using life's golden moments?" Are we consuming them in pleasure, in riches, in worldly pursuits and acclaim? Are we burning up these irretrievable golden moments focused on a world that is passing away, (1 John 2:17)? Or are we redeeming the time (Ephesians 5:16; Colossians 4:5) by using these precious moments to the best of our ability, before we pass away?

Time is a premium, let's not waste it. Let us work at fulfilling the Great Commission, (Mark 16:15) because "millions are groping without the gospel!" Let us not sit idly by with our hands folded and mouths shut, rather "...let us point the way unto heaven."