The Storms Of Life

J. D. Conley
May 7, 2017

Across our country last week we saw different kinds of storms, ranging from heavy snows in Colorado, tornadoes in Texas, to high winds and rain here in the Ohio Valley. Each storm brought it's own form of destruction and havoc. But there are other types of storms we encounter other than meteoric disturbances. These storms, although they might include adverse atmospheric conditions, are not limited to the weather, we all know them to be the various storms of life. Certainly, those in Texas who lost loved ones and property in the tornadoes, are suffering grief.

Grief is a storm of life that all must sooner or later endure. Job, David, Mary, Martha and many others, all had to weather this terrible storm, (Job 1:19; 2Sam.18:33; Jn.11:39). The loss of loved ones is a grievous storm that must sooner or later be soldiered through.

Just as turbulent weather can suddenly appear on the horizon and advance rapidly, so can the storms of life. The loss of gainful employment brings on financial woes, the loss of physical health is an awful storm for one to be hit with. The loss of a spouse, or sibling, or parent, is a terrible blow to absorb. Whereas, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards etc., can often be averted by shelter, or relocating, the storms of life cannot be circumvented. They are inevitable and must be faced. And the only One who can get us through them to the other side, is Jesus the Son of God.

As the storms of life invariably strike, may we keep foremost in our minds that Jesus is the Good Shepherd Who will guide and protect us through the mazes and pitfalls of this life, (Ps.23; Col.3:3; Heb.13:5). He too is the Great Physician Who can cure both our physical and spiritual maladies, (Mk.2:17; Jas.5:14-15). His compassion for us convinces us He is our Great Friend, (Pro.18:24; Mk.5:19).

Grief is the common factor in the storms of life. As the storms hit with sudden impact may we keep in mind "we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous" (1Jn.2:l).

What A Friend We Have In Jesus!