Physically But Not Spiritually Blind

J. D. Conley
April 16, 2017

In the past week, it has been my experience to be in the company of two Christian gentlemen who happen to be blind. On the seventh of this month, brother Ed Lemley, attended our Friday night Sing. As many of you know, around ten years ago, brother Lemley suddenly went blind without warning. But this terrible affliction has not deterred him in his faithfulness in the kingdom. Brother Lemley and his good wife are seen at gospel meetings, sings, and lectureships, this malady has not slowed them, much less stopped them in serving the Lord. The Lemley's have our admiration and respect.

The other brother in Christ is Randy Baker, who is a member at the West Union church of Christ in West Union, WV., where I closed out a gospel meeting Wednesday night. Unlike brother Lemley, brother Baker's blindness is congenital. Even though life has been a struggle for him, he has been faithful since his obedience to the gospel. Several years ago, Randy was converted by listening to brother W. Terry Varner preaching over the radio. Since putting on Christ in baptism, (Galatians 3:27), he has been faithful in all the services of the Lord's church. It was an encouragement to see Randy come in with his cane and make his way to the pew. He was at every service of the gospel meeting and lead prayer whenever he was called upon.

Both of these brothers in Christ are an example for all of us to follow. Those of us with the blessing of sight, are not able to fully understand the challenges physical blindness sets forth. Just getting dressed to come to worship must be a real endeavor to undertake. The ease in which we accomplish everyday tasks are difficult and time consuming for these two brothers. Nevertheless, they are faithful servants of Christ. They may be physically blind but they are not spiritually blind.

What about us? We can see physically, but what kind of shape is our spiritual vision in? Yes, there are many physically blind who are also spiritually blind. But these two brothers aren't in that category. Let us who can see physically ever guard against becoming spiritually blind. It wouldn't be the first time Christians were thus plagued, (2 Peter 1:9; Revelation 3:17)!