"The Sin Of Eating In The Morning"

J. D. Conley
August 7, 2016

Let me hasten to say, its not a sin to eat breakfast. The title above is derived from the words of Solomon recorded in Ecclesiastes 10:16, "Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning!" The warning is simply this, a country is in trouble when its leader is young and inexperienced and abuses his power by drinking and feasting all night.

But a leader need not be young to abuse his or her position of authority. The overall teaching of this verse conveys the danger of irresponsibility, neglect, and a failure to properly prioritize. The young who have been given much have more of a tendency to do this than one who is older. But the danger to put off duty and replace it with frivolity, is something of which everyone must be made aware.

Consider some ways in which Christians may commit the sin of eating in the morning.

By Not Putting The Lord's Work First. Instead of being "fishers of men," we choose to be fishers of fish. There is nothing wrong in fishing for fish, its a noble living and enjoyable hobby, but not to the exclusion of carrying out the Great Commission, Mark 16:15. Whenever we opt to do anything instead of the Lord's work first, even though it is a wholesome activity, we are committing the sin of eating in the morning.

By Not Putting The Church First. Sleeping in instead of attending the services, being unconcerned about the needs of brothers and sisters in Christ, choosing to absent yourself from the worship of our loving God and Savior is committing the sin of eating in the morning, Heb. 10:25.

By Not Habitually Reading God's Word And Praying. No other book should be read more often and with more fervency than the Holy Scriptures. Apart from reading it and living by it, we are spiritually dead and blind, Psalm 119:105; Hebrews 4:12; James 1:21-24. When we fail to be constant in our prayer life, Luke 18:1; 1Thessalonians 5:17, we have severed our communication with God. Failure to read the Bible and pray to the Father, is yet another way the sin of eating in the morning is performed.

May Every Child Of God Put Him First In All Of Life!