God's Omnicience

J. D. Conley
March 20, 2016

God's omniscience is easy to define, yet some find it hard to believe. Simply put, God's omniscience means He is all-knowing. There is nothing God does not know. Many years ago a brother in Christ asked me with an air of incredulity, "Do you really believe God knows everything?" I told the doubting brother, "Absolutely, and furthermore, God knows you have asked me this question."

A Christian cannot doubt this Divine attribute without diminishing God Himself. If a single one of God's attributes is called into question, then all of them can be. Before long God has been reduced to something less than the God of the Bible. Why would anyone choose to have faith in a less than omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God? How reassuring would that type of faith be? What sort of prayers would be offered up to a God who did not know everything? Who did not possess all power? Who was not everywhere? Such prayers would be chocked full of, "I sure hope you can help? I hope you see? I hope you know?" Before long, we'd see the futility in such efforts and stop praying.

How blessed we are to know God knows and sees all. That He can act as He sees fit. His Word clearly sets forth He is all-knowing and omnipresent. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament attests to these truths (Psalm 139:1-12; 94:9; Hebrews 4:13). He is all-powerful (Genesis 1). He created this world and its inhabitants, and He will destroy it too, (2Peter 3:10-12; Hebrews 1:11-12).

When one reads the Bible, which is the mind of God, God wants the reader to know He is an all-knowing God. In fact, He seems to go out of His way to reinforce this in the reader's mind. One of the most convincing ways God has done this is by the detailed fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies centuries after they were foretold. Why would God put forth the meticulous effort to underscore His omniscience, if it weren't true? A righteous God would not lie about one of His attributes!

To impugn any one of God's attributes is an attack on His Deity. The brother in the first paragraph should have known this. The finite mind of man cannot know everything, but he can know God does! Our lack of understanding how God can know everything, does not negate the fact. We're the creature, He's the Creator.