The Voices of God

J. D. Conley
February 7, 2016

No, God's voices are not heard through subconscious urgings, or in feelings or impulses. He does not mysteriously prod us in one direction or the other. Instead, His Being and Will for mankind has been made clear and unmistakable by two clarion voices. What is this duo of Divine voices? King David writes about these voices in the nineteenth Psalm. The first voice is:

What God Says Through Nature, (w.1-6). These verses declare that the creation itself shouts out there is a God. His very existence is advertised every day and every night. The Bible begins by informing us of our Creator and all His marvelous creative works, (Genesis 1:1-31). The unbiased mind can observe through nature that there must be a God who made it all. The natural world has too much beauty, design, purpose and intent for one to claim, "it all just happened." Big bangs result in chaos, not order, in destruction, not construction, in ugliness, not beauty. The voice of God in nature preaches a long and loud sermon! The ones who fail to listen are fools, (Romans 1:20-32). The second voice is:

What God Says Through His Word, (w.7-11). Nature, convincing as its voice is, does not tell us of God's Will for man, the apex of His creatures. Though nature shouts out God's power and wisdom, it is mute when it comes to man's greatest need, which is salvation. Man needs God's written revelation in order to come to a knowledge of God's Will on how to live and ultimately be saved. His voice in nature tells us God is, the voice heard in His Word, tells us God's Will. Without the Bible mankind would know nothing of his origin, his purpose, or his destination. In other words, the entire human race would be deaf to both voices of God. Finally, it must be considered:

What Does God Expect From Us, (w.12-14)? Based on both these voices of God, i.e., what He says through nature and His Word, its clear that He expects us to live pure and righteous lives. In order to do so we must repent of our sins, confess our faith in His Son, and be baptized for the remission of our sins, (Acts 2:38).

Are You Listening To The Voices Of God?