Our Purpose And Responsibility

J. D. Conley
December 20, 2015

"The whole purpose of the whole church, is to take the whole gospel to the whole world" (Robert Stapleton, Director of the Brown Trail School of Preaching).

With this concise statement, brother Stapleton has hit the proverbial nail on the head. This declaration sums up that the purpose and the responsibility of the church, is to evangelize the entire world. Lets analyze this sweeping remark.

"The whole purpose" denotes the entire reason for something being the case. In this instance, it refers to the overarching reason for the existence of the Lord's church here on earth.

"Of the whole church," notice "the whole church." The purpose and the responsibility of the church is not to be carried out by a select few. The responsibility of the church rests squarely on the shoulders of each and every member. Too often the work of the church is left up to the preacher, elders, and deacons to perform. Nowhere in Scripture is this alluded to as being the norm, or acceptable. It is "the church [which is] the pillar and ground of the truth"(1 Timothy 3:15), not just a small segment of its members. The whole church is to support and uphold the truth.

"Is to take the whole gospel" The church has a pointed mission, and i.e., to take the gospel to others. There is nothing wrong in inviting people to services, and more of that needs to be done. But inviting is not to be equated with taking the gospel. Inviting and evangelizing are two different acts. Jesus commissioned the church to "go preach " not simply invite. The church as a whole needs to be proactive in "going and taking" the gospel to the lost masses. Furthermore, the church is to take the whole gospel, all of it, (Acts 20:27). When portions of the gospel are omitted, diluted, or wrested to fit into the mold of political correctness, the teacher is disapproved of God, (2Peter 3:16, Jude 4).

"To the whole world." When Jesus said, "Go into all the world...to every creature," it is obvious He wanted no place and no one left out. Everyone is to be given the opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ. Presently the world's population stands at a staggering 7.3 billion people. Needless to say, the church has a mammoth task to undertake. Will live up to your purpose as a member of the church, and do your part to meet this responsibility?