I Won't Drive 85

J. D. Conley
November 22, 2015

On our trip south last week I was reminded of how flagrantly the speed limit laws are ignored. I calculated that the flow of traffic on the Interstate was a fairly constant 85mph. Yes, 85mph, even though the speed limit signs are clearly posted "70." I refused to drive 85 because it was a violation of the law, plus dangerous. I did not want a hefty fine or to be involved in a horrible wreck. So I set my cruise control at 70 and obeyed the law. Nonetheless, it was somewhat dangerous to drive 70 because people were always coming up fast wanting to pass. But when there was a state trooper parked on the shoulder, the brake lights came on and everyone slowed down to 70. Lots of people were pulled over, and lots of speeders saw other speeders pulled over, but as soon as the trooper was out of sight, it was back up to 85 again. This scene played out repeatedly, which got me to thinking about how flagrantly God's law is ignored time and time again.

While it is the case many are woefully ignorant of God's law, [and must be taught], many who do know it, choose to ignore it. Like the speed limit signs, God's law is clearly set forth in His Word. Many have been told what He says about baptism for the remission of sins, (Acts 2:38; Mk.16:16; 1Pet.3:21, etc.). They have clearly been taught what the Bible says about the church, Heaven and Hell, the day of Judgment, and how God wants to be worshipped, et al, but they race through life without giving these things a second thought. Theirs is a willful ignorance which they hope will pass unnoticed.

This spiritual neglect is also present in spite of the constant warnings, (Mt.25:46; Gal.5:19-21; Heb.10:31; Rev.21:8). Likewise, all along the Interstate are signs posted "Speed Detected By Aircraft," or "Fines Doubled" in road work areas. Then there was the ubiquitous presence of state troopers parked in medians, on shoulders, around curves and over rises, and yet the speeders kept speeding. Even seeing a couple of vehicles which had been involved in wrecks requiring ambulance service, had little or no effect. People seemed determined to ignore warnings of driving at high speed.

True, most of the speeders got way with breaking the law. They escaped physical injury and detection by radar, or perhaps the trooper didn't see them. However, when it comes to God's spiritual and moral law, He sees all, no one is getting away with anything, (Num.32:23; Pro.l3:15; 2Cor.5:10; Heb.4:13; Rev.20:12).

Most of the speeders did not get caught. But every sinner who chooses to ignore God's law will be punished, (Rev.21:8). As we rush through life, may we all take the time to be certain we are meeting each and every requirement set forth in God's law. Only then will we safely reach our destination.