Refreshed, Renewed, Recharged

J. D. Conley
September 6, 2015

How wonderful it is to be home from vacation and raring to go back to work! Vacations are relaxing but before too long a strong desire to resume work returns. This particular vacation, for varied reasons, has instilled in both Denise and I an even greater desire to work. First of all, its a pleasure to resume work on the bulletin. Denise and I thank Mike and Chris for taking this work over while Denise was recovering from her fall. We appreciate their willingness to step in and cover the bases. Denise has missed her secretarial duties and is happy to be back performing them.

Another reason we have returned refreshed, renewed and recharged, is because while we were away we were privileged to hear some great Gospel preaching. Nothing helps a preacher more than to listen to another preacher expound upon the Word of God. It just so happens that while we were away, "Polishing The Pulpit," or PTP, was being conducted in Sevierville, TN. Consequently, we got to hear and visit with several of the preachers who were attending that lectureship which had around 3,500 in attendance. Preachers such as Alan Highers, the editor of "The Spiritual Sword." Alan Webster, who puts out "House To House And Heart To Heart," and one of the founders of PTP. We also got to hear Mark Posey teach and preach at the Great Smokey Mountains church. Denise and i also ran into several friends of ours we have not seen for 25 years. Both Sundays and Wednesdays we worshipped with three different congregations, viz., Sevierville, where John Daniels is the preacher. Gatlinburg, where Rod Rutherford preaches and the Great Smokey Mountains church where A1 Behel preaches. We also ran into Jody and Evelyn Apple and got to eat and visit with them, and hear about the work he is doing with the International Gospel Hour radio broadcast. So, it was a spiritually rich vacation. In fact, I borrowed from PTP's tagline for the title of this article: Refresh - Time for study and focus, Renew - Time for new ideas and strategies, Recharge - Bringing it back home. Although we did not attend PTP we reaped great spiritual benefits from being in the company of those who did attend.

Therefore, we are refreshed, renewed and recharged for at least two reasons: a restful vacation, plus being privileged to hear invigorating lessons and be in the company of good brethren.

Thank you for allowing us to be away. But its great to be home with our Harmar Hill family! May we do all we can to bring glory to God and our Savior Jesus Christ!