"Not Slothful In Business"

J. D. Conley
March 15, 2015

The words above were given by apostolic admonition to the saints at Rome in (Rom. 12:11). While it is important not to be lazy and lax in our daily jobs and responsibilities, this is not the sphere to which the admonition is directed in this particular verse. The charge is clearly being made to Christians not being lackadaisical when it comes to working in the kingdom of the Lord. A reading of the whole verse makes plain this truth, "Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord." (emp. JDC). Idleness and laziness is repeatedly denounced and condemned in Scripture, (cf. Pro.19:15; Mt. 20:6; 1Tim. 5:13, Heb. 6:12 etc.).

The church of our Lord is primarily a place of work; Let's look at the following areas of church work and honestly ask ourselves if we can make the claim: "We are not slothful in business." What about in the area of:

Teaching Others? When is the last time you taught someone the gospel? Or even mentioned the Lord's church to someone, or invited them to worship? If the answer to these questions is, "It's been a while," why? Is it because of shyness, fear of being asked hard questions, a lack of concern, or idleness? Whichever it is, or whatever combination it is, it can be overcome if the will is there to do so. Remember, you can "do all things through Christ who strengthens you" (Phi.4:13). As a soldier of Christ, the Christian cannot allow anything to prevent him/her from teaching the lost. What about in the area of:

Setting A Christian Example? Few do not seem to have the desire or even an inclination to work diligently at setting a proper example. They're loose with their words and actions, unwilling to put forth any effort to control their behavior. They lack any ambition to exert the energy to live like Christ. Like Demas, they end up going back out into the world, (2Tim. 4:10). They are like a plant with no root system, or one that gets twisted up in thorns (Lk.8:6-7). Indeed, some lack the drive it takes to live a active Christian life. How are you faring in the field of:

Benevolence? The New Testament teaches that the little things are the big things. They are momentous because of the consequences derived. Jesus taught just giving a cup of cold water, secured a reward, (Mt. 10:42). Peter said "...charity shall cover a multitude of sins" (1Pet.4:8). Surely such benefits as these will energize all Christians to do more in the kingdom. Finally, what about in the area of:

Edification? To build each other up, as well as self, will stave off lethargy. Christians are to be a constant source of strength and comfort to one another. God's Word and prayer, is what infuses members of the church with this ability, (Acts 20:23; Jude 16). Truly, when a child of God is excelling in these areas he/she can boldly claim they're "not slothful in business."