God's Grief

J. D. Conley
March 1, 2015

God in His Word plainly states that He can be grieved, (cf., Gen.6:6; Ps.95:10; Is.53:3; Mk.3:5; Heb.3:10,17). Some may deny that an omnipotent God is capable of feeling grief, and that doing so weakens Him, but the Scriptures say otherwise. Grief suffered by God demonstrates the opposite. His strength is seen in that He refrains from using His unlimited power to assuage His grief.

Sin, regardless of the form in which it is committed, always causes the Almighty to grieve. But sexual sins, though they have abounded down through the ages, seem to be on an alarming up-tick as of late. Without question the Internet and social media have been responsible, (or irresponsible), for this ungodly increase. One cannot get on their news homepage without reading about another celebrity who has proudly posed nude, or another homosexual "marriage," that has taken place, ad infinitum. The Interstates are littered with "Adult" bookstores and video outlets. It is apparent that the current culture is completely saturated with, and steeped in, an obsession with illicit sex. Most assuredly this brings God immense grief.

God has been clear in both the Old and New Testaments about how He feels about such matters. Sexual sins were no doubt part of the reason He brought the flood upon the earth, (Gen.6:5ff). A dozen or so chapters later, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their sin of homosexuality. The entire eighteenth chapter of Leviticus is devoted to the abhorrent view God takes on unlawful sexual lusts, calling it, "wickedness, defilement, confusion and abomination." The New Testament is replete with warnings and prohibitions against sexual sins, (cf., Mt.5:28; 2Tim.2:22; Tit.2:12; Jas.1:14-15; 1Pet.2:11, etc.). New Testament teaching is adamant in declaring that those who persist in such sinful behavior will be eternally lost, (Mt.7:23; 1Cor.6:9-11; Gal.5:19-21; 1Tim.6:9; Rev.21:27).

Oh how our God must be grieved when He looks down and sees the wickedness of man abounding on all four corners of His creation! Nevertheless, His spirit is lifted and lightened when He sees His people living righteous lives in the midst of moral filth. Striving to always please Him, and never grieve Him, should be our aim.