Sixty Years A Preacher

J. D. Conley
February 8, 2015

My father, Darrell Conley, is a remarkable man of many talents. While growing up I was amazed at his ability and skills. Since age ten his hobby has been magic, i.e., the "art of honest deception." For the past forty years he has been a part-time professional magician. He has attained the Order of Merlin for 25 continuous years of membership in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He is a member, and former president in the Society of American Magicians.

In addition to these attainments he attended John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, GA., raised orchids, has been an avid chess player, and has conducted numerous singing schools across the brotherhood.

But by far, his first love has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He preached his first sermon at age 15 in Butler, OK., and preached on a regular basis until age 18 when he got involved with full-time work, alongside his father, F. F. Conley, in El Paso, TX. For the past 60 years he has held two debates, written two books, various tracts, has conducted many gospel meetings, spoken on numerous lectureships, and has contributed to over 50 chapters in various lectureship books. He has also taught in a preacher training school and is currently teaching the synoptics two hours on Saturdays for the Online Academy of Biblical Studies.

In the past six decades he has held ten located works, preaching in four different states: Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Missouri. He has preached for the Lord's church in Folkston, GA., for the past eleven and a half years, making the one hour drive north from his home in Jacksonville, FL., each Lord's day and Wednesday night.

Gospel preaching has been a passion with my father. His life long preaching friend, Hal Smith, has said, "Darrell would not only preach for free, he would even pay for the opportunity to preach." That pretty much sums it up in depicting my father's love for preaching the gospel.

Thank you so much for allowing Denise and I to be away this past Wednesday night to honor my father on reaching this milestone: sixty years a preacher. It is my prayer that he will be able to continue this labor of love for many years to come.