At Year's End

J. D. Conley
December 28, 2014

Once again another year is on the wane. Year’s end provides the ideal time to be reflective over our lives these last twelve months. Sadly, far too many reflect only on those things which are short-lived and empty. They scrutinize the bottom line and focus like a laser on the balance sheet. Breaking even with dollars and cents will not do. Being in the red is intolerable. Showing a monetary profit is what is supremely important to most, and the bigger the better. How sad it is to see so many measuring the success of 2014 based solely on the acquisition of mammon, (Mt.6:24; Mk.8:36). Let us leave the material inventory for the world to examine, and instead engage in some spiritual inventory. Take a honest and hard look at the following queries.

Did You Teach someone the gospel of Christ in 2014? Just one? Did you make a single effort to inform someone about the Lord's church? How many did you invite to worship services, hand a tract or DVD to? Was it a great omission on your part to obey the Great Commission, (Jas.4:16; Mk.16:15-16)? If it is wise to win souls, (Pro.11:30), then it is foolish not to. More than foolish, its disobedient to Christ and unloving to others (Jude 22-23). At year's end may we see the error of our way and determine to teach at least one lost soul in 2015.

Did You Speak Purely throughout the year? The Lord and His apostles spoke a lot about pure speech and how it should dominate the Christian's life, (Mt.12:37; Col.4:6; Jas.3:9-10). If it is wrong to say impure words then its wrong to type/text them too. Did your posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., this past year, reflect pure speech? It is disheartening to hear and read words that are unbecoming of a child of God. But more so it is disappointing to our Father in Heaven, "For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether" (Ps.139:4).

Did You Read And Pray as much as you should've? If you read the Scriptures you know they have much to say about the need to pray, (Mt.6; Lk.18:1; 1Thess.5:17-18). The more we read and learn from God!s Holy Word, the more we will pray. In fact, the more we will live as His Word directs in all things. But if we fail to read and apply the Word to our life, the less our lives will please Him.

Where does your life stand with God at year's end? It depends in large part to how you answered the above questions. Let us strive to make 2015 a year that pleases the Lord!