J. D. Conley
August 10, 2014

It must be confessed that the act of confession is seldom seen today. Criminals rarely come clean in admitting their crime, instead, they will only confess their criminal involvement when induced to plea bargain. Many lawbreakers will not even make a confession when their guilt has been proven, in spite of the facts they stay in infinite denial. Actually, sinners of every stripe will not likely admit guilt unless they are caught red-handed in the sin itself. But even then their confession is often grudgingly made without any real remorse.

A confession that is coerced is not really a confession is it? An admission that has been sweetened with inducements is not the type of confession that is admired. Any confession or admission that is not made willingly and openly, is not ideal. It certainly cannot be one that meets with God's approval. There are several types of confession etched upon the leaves of Holy Writ, all of which call for study. Be that as it may, consider the following two:

Man's Confession To Those He Injures- It is sad to see victims of wrong-doing to not only suffer for the wrong done against them, but to endure it without any apology or the making of amends by the one who caused the hurt. Once in a great while this overture is made, but more often than not, its never attempted or perhaps even thought about, by the culprit. Once the Golden Rule (Mt.7:12), has been broken, it still is in effect as far as the amending of the wrong is concerned. After all, the victim would appreciate an apology thereby obliging the offender to offer it. This is not a perfect world, (1 Jn.5:19), but it would be a better world if people's mistreatment of others was confessed and sorrow was expressed, along with restitution

Man's Confession Of Sins To God- If man has no remorse toward those he wrongs personally and face to face, he will not easily, if ever see his need to confess his sins to the Heavenly Father. Some who refuse to confess their sins to God may deny the presence of sin in their life. This attitude is sinful in and of itself, (1Jn.8, 10). Others may internally acknowledge sin, but have yet not confessed their sin to God, repented and asked His forgiveness. Both practices are soul-damning.

These two acts of confession are required for salvation. How many unconfessed sins to God are sins that have never been made right with our fellowman? One cannot be right with the God of heaven, as long as one's relationship with one on earth is askew.