Into The Eleventh Year

J. D. Conley
June 8, 2014

This past Wednesday, the fourth of June, marked the completion of our tenth year of labor with this good church. It is hard to believe how quickly the sands of time have slipped away, moving us ever closer toward eternity. As we enter into our eleventh year let us reflect and project.

Good News & Sad News - The last ten years saw thirty precious souls obey the gospel of Christ, sixty-four restorations, and fourteen families place membership. But on a sad note, we bade farewell to thirty-four brothers and sisters in Christ who passed away.

More Work To Do - As the stats above show, numerically we have lost some ground. Death claimed a heavy toll on our congregation. We lost thirty-four and gained thirty. Yet, some of those thirty are included in the ones who died. Let us redouble our efforts to be more evangelistic seeing to it that the people we know hear from us, the gospel of Christ and about His glorious church, (Mk.16:15, Mt.16:18). Our congregation has also lost nearly two dozen families to moving away, moving into nursing homes, or have stopped attending. As we can't do anything about the ones who have moved, we can do something [and should,] for those who have stopped attending, (Gal.6:1).

A Mid-Year Resolution - Don't put off doing what needs to be done now. Jesus says, "The fields are white already to harvest" (Jn.4:35). Think of one person to try and reach with the gospel. Make them your priority. Pray for them daily, that God will soften their hearts to receive the truth. Ask Him to give you the words to speak and the courage to speak them. Drop by and visit a member who has quit attending. Nothing makes an impression like a face to face visit.

I Am Your Minister - For the last ten years I've been so very blessed to be able to say that. Please know that I stand ready and willing at any time, night or day, to assist you in any possible way I can. My door is always open. May we continue to work together in bringing the lost to Christ. Together with Christ we can accomplish great things in this eleventh year, (Phi.4:13)!