Every Member Present

J. D. Conley
May 25, 2014

Assembling for worship, whether it be on the Lord's Day, at the mid-week service, or while hosting a gospel meeting, ought to be a priority for every Christian. But sadly, its not. Some members opt to go to a ball game, go camping, or engage in any number of lesser activities instead. Yet, how marvelous it would be if every member chose to be present for every service of the Lord's church. Consider the blessings incurred if such were the case:

Every Member Would Be Edified.Brethren who aren't faithful in their attendance fail to recognize the discouragement their absence brings. How wonderful it is to see them on Sunday morning, and how sad it is not to see them Sunday evening, or at Bible study on Wednesday night. Both parties are missing out. The ones who are spasmodic in their attendance miss out on learning more about the Word of God. The ones who are present, wish the other ones were and wonder why they show a disinterest. However, if every member was present it would be a great spiritual boost! Everyone would be greatly encouraged, and no one discouraged. All would be "[built] up in the most holy faith" (Jude 20). Such edification would go a long way in curing unfaithful attendance because every member would want to avail themselves of the opportunity to be edified in this powerful way. Who would want to miss out on that? Perhaps, if every member were present just once, not a single member would ever want to be absent again.

Every Member Would Be Pleasing God.Even though our presence at the services benefit and please each other, the One we are ultimately aiming to please is God, (Ps. 100, Jn.4:23). We are not the object of the worship assembly, He is. When we thoughtfully and truthfully render our worship, (Jn.4:24) although we are edified, God is glorified and exalted. May we follow our Lord's example and, "...do always those things that please him" (Jn.8:24). How can God be pleased with those who choose not to assemble to worship Him?

Every Member Would Be Exemplary.What better example could be set for those outside of Christ, than to be present at every worship assembly of the Lord's church? Few things have a stronger impact on others than that. It sounds out in trumpet-like blasts, what we truly are, and Who comes first in our life. No one will hardly question our Christianity when they observe our care to attend every service.

Though "...forsaking the assembling of ourselves together..." is forbidden, (Heb. 10:25), every member present - gathering together for worship, should be desirable. After all, where else would a faithful Christian want to be? What else would he rather be doing? David, in expressing his attitude toward assembling with God's people said, "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord" (Ps. 122:1). If every member had this same mind set, the worship services would find, every member present!