The Greatest Love

J. D. Conley
May 11, 2014

Today is Mother's Day in America. This day has been set aside, and rightly so, for the special recognition of motherhood and every precious thing it entails. It is a day when children of all ages should reflect on the deep love shown to them by their mother. The love children have for their mother will be returned in various ways, viz., in phone calls, flowers, cards, dinners, and gifts of all sorts. These will be offered up to show in a small way how much a mother's love is appreciated and not taken for granted.

It has been stated numerous times that a mother's love for her child/children is the greatest love known to the human race, that its even unique. As far as human relationships are concerned, such statements are true. But as great as a mother's love is, it is not the greatest love of all time. That is unquestionably the love God demonstrated for a lost world in sending His only begotten Son to die for hope of it's salvation, (Jn.3:16).

Note the differences between a mother's love and God's love:

MOTHERS SOMETIMES DISMISS SINS IN THEIR CHILDREN'S LIVES. No one is as tolerant and patient as a mother. But sometimes this is to her own detriment if her tolerance and patience tacitly condones her children's sins. But this was not the Father's reaction toward sin. If sin could be glossed over and dismissed, He certainly would have done so. This would have spared Him the horrendous grief in sending Jesus to die on a cruel cross. The Giver of the greatest love, knew that the greatest sacrifice was called for to confront and conquer the greatest affront - sin. Only the greatest love could meet this crucial need.

MOTHERS SOMETIMES SIN THEMSELVES. It seems a bit harsh and unnatural for anyone who has a good mother to admit this. But the very best of us, mothers included, have all committed sin (Rom.3:10; 23; 1Jn.8,10). Sin is anything but an act of love toward God, or anyone else. It is a frontal assault toward Him whether we agree or not, (Ps.51:4). Yes, even good mothers sin. This is why Jesus died - to save them! Here is an example of the Giver of the greatest love reaching out to save the very one who is often praised for having the greatest love. Even a mother's love is not great enough to save a single soul, (Jn.1:29, 1Tim.2:6).

MOTHERS SACRIFICE MUCH - BUT IT IS INSUFFICIENT. Mothers have walked through fire to save their children. Any good mother would gladly die in order for her children to live. But would a mother die for anyone's children? In most cases, no. But God sent His Son to die for all people. Not only that, but when they were unlovable, Christ died for them, (Lk.23:34, Rom.5:8). He did so to preserve them from the eternal and unquenchable fires of hell, (Mk.9:44ff, Jude 23). The Greatest Love Is God's Love!