Some Salient Observations Of My Meeting

J. D. Conley
April 20, 2014

I had the privilege of spending last Lord's day, as well as Monday through Wednesday evening, with the good brethren at the Bridge Street congregation in New Martinsville, W.V. My time there was spent in conducting a gospel meeting that had been planned for the last three or four years. As I reflect back on the meeting the following observations spring to mind:

The Sheep Are Well Shepherded. The Bridge Street church have two elders that oversee the flock there, Roger Spencer and Paolo Di Luca. Brother Paolo also serves as the pulpit preacher.  It was a blessing to meet brother Spencer and get to know brother Di Luca better. He is married to the former Cindy Innman, the daughter of the late and beloved, Clifton Innman.

The Sermons Were Well Received. The brethren there were complimentary of the lessons presented and this meant a lot to me. Many listened attentively and several took notes. It is always edifying and encouraging when the preacher receives positive feedback from the congregation.

The Services Were Well Attended. Monday night saw four additional gospel preachers in attendance, brothers Ed Melott - Steelton; Larry Huggins - New Freeport; Robert Barcroft - Daybrook; and Skip Andrews from Dresden, TN. Each week day evening the meeting was blessed with the presence of several visitors from around the area.

The Spirit Was Well Refreshed.I'm referring to my spirit. My spiritual battery is always recharged after holding a meeting or attending a lectureship. Last week was no exception. I thank you for allowing me to be away for this meeting.

The Saving Message Was Hopefully Well Presented. It is quite a humbling experience to not only conduct a gospel meeting, but to also preach the "unsearchable riches of Christ" on a fulltime basis. What a challenge it is for a terrestrial to attempt to convey the celestial message of salvation, (2Cor.4:7)! How grateful I am to God that He continues to permit me, an imperfect creature, to proclaim His perfect message.

The Savior Was Well Glorified. Though the meeting did not yield any visible fruit, other than the edification of the members and myself, I trust and believe that our Savior was glorified and well pleased with our effort to worship and perform His will. I can take great satisfaction in that because pleasing Him is all that really matters, "He will give the increase" (1Cor.3:7)!