Saying Goodbye To 2013

J. D. Conley
December 29, 2013

It’s always the case that when another year winds down, thoughts of how quickly it went sweep through our minds. The year of our Lord, 2013, is certainly no exception. It seems like just a couple of months ago we were welcoming in the new year, now we are bidding it goodbye. The speed at which this year passed reminds us all of the brevity of earthly life, (Jas.4:14). As we stand on the brink of A.D. 2014, looking back and saying goodbye to 2013, let us resolve to say goodbye to more than just a number on a calendar.

Let us also say goodbye to:

Squandered Opportunities - As we examine with honest hearts the previous twelve months, we glaringly must admit there were opportunities that we let slip from our grasp, opportunities that may never again be afforded to us. Maybe there were occasions when we could have spoken a kind word or performed a kind deed, but we didn’t. Perhaps there were times when we could have said something about the gospel to someone, but we didn’t. Or we could have informed someone about the Lord’s church, but again, we remained silent. Let us once and for all say goodbye to squandering opportunities.

Harsh Words And Actions - All of us said and did things this past year we no doubt regret. Human nature, being what it is, we’ll no doubt also say and do things we shall come to regret during the new year, (cf. Jas.3:6-10). However, let us purpose in our hearts to keep these words and actions as close to nonexistent as we can. Let us practice daily these Divine admonitions, (cf Ps. 141:3; Mt.5:22; 2Cor. 12:20; Col.4:6; 1Jn.3:18).

Worldliness And Covetousness - Looking back on this year did we live too much in this world and not enough in the next, (Col.3:2)? Were our eyes fixed on the temporal instead of the eternal, (2Cor.4:18)? Have we been enamored with the physical instead of the spiritual, (Mt.6:19-21)? Did we “give as we have been prospered” (1Cor.16:2)? Or did we “give ourselves over to prospering?”

May We All Say Goodbye And Good Riddance To All These Things In 2014!