The Sheep At Salem

J. D. Conley
November 17, 2013

Beginning last Sunday morning and ending Thursday night, I was privileged to conduct a gospel meeting for the Salem church of Christ in Glen Easton, WV. The Salem church had its beginning in 1905 after the New Bethel congregation brought in the mechanical instrument of music. The sound brethren at New Bethel opposed this unauthorized innovation and after a futile attempt to keep it out, decided to part ways and begin a new congregation which became known as Salem. The people at New Bethel told the Salem brethren, "in a few years your building will be a sheep house." Little did they know just how prophetic those words would be! In a few years the church at New Bethel closed its doors, the building was eventually demolished, and the building at Salem is still a "sheep house" 108 years later, (Mt.25:32,33).

The Salem church, like the church at Philadelphia (Rev.3:8), though small, has faithfully used its resources in the past century to faithfully proclaim and carry out the work of the Lord. The building sits atop a hill and can be seen from a mile away, but it's influence reaches much further than that. The sheep there are guided by two faithful shepherds, Don Harris and Fred Morris. Her preachers are Emanuel Daugherty and Derek Dodd. The flock is composed of thirty plus faithful sheep.

The meeting was supported by several congregations, some visitors traveling nearly two hours. Brethren came from the West Virginia hamlets of Hundred, Weirton, Moundsville, Cameron, Chester, and Mannington. There was even a representative there from the keystone state. Though there were no visible responses during the meeting, we were all edified because of our study, worship and fellowship together. It was also a blessing to be able to spend the week with Denver, who at 90 years old was present for every service.

Indeed, it was a great spiritual blessing to be able to worship with the sheep at Salem. But, it is just as wonderful a blessing to be back home at Harmar Hill with the brethren we love so dearly. May God richly bless His sheep wherever they are gathered.