First Place

J. D. Conley
November 10, 2013

Everyone likes to be first. First in line, first in sports, first in academia, first in everything. Attached to being first is usually some kind of conference of honor. It may be a gold medal, a blue ribbon, a trophy or some other type of award or recognition. Being first is of the utmost importance to a lot of people. Second or third place is simply not good enough.

Likewise, the Scriptures teach that Jesus Christ not only desires first place, but demands first place in our life. Speaking of Christ, the apostle Paul wrote, "And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence " (Col.1:18). The word "preeminence" means "first place." This is a reference to His rank. Christ is to occupy first place in our lives.

But that's not all. He is to have the preeminence "in all things." If Jesus is to have first place "in all things," then it necessarily means He is to have first place, all of the time. Jesus is not simply to be included in our life, rather He is to hold an exclusive place in our life. In other words, He wants first place or no place at all. He wants to be our "first love" (Rev.2:4). He shouldn't have to compete for first place either. At once, Christ should forever ascend to, and occupy, first place in our hearts and lives.

Will you resolve today to enthrone "the King of kings and the Lord of lords " (1Tim.6:15) to His rightful position in your life? Will you submit your will to His, realizing He has "all authority in heaven and in earth" (Mt.28:18)? Knowing that one day He will "judge the world in righteousness" (Acts 17:31). A cognizance of Christ's preeminence will cause us to submit to His will.

Don't make the Son of God compete for first place in your life. Surrender your life to His in obedience to His will. Believe in Him as the Son of God, (Jn.8:24). Repent of your sins, (Lk.13:3,5). Confess Him as the Christ, (Mt.10:32). Then be buried with Him in the waters of baptism, (Acts 2:38). Then upon your obedience, never again allow anything or anyone to vie for first place. Reserve that place of honor for Him alone, "the blessed and only Potentate" (1Tim.6:15). Giving Christ the preeminence will result in Him giving you "a crown of life" (Rev.2:10). May each one of us make Christ the top priority of our life.