Book, Chapter and Verse Preaching

J. D. Conley
March 17, 2013

In the past couple of decades there has been a dramatic reduction of "book, chapter and verse preaching." Many today deem such preaching as unsophisticated, antiquated and hopelessly ineffective. Sermons today (if they can be called that), are padded with modem theology, psychology and sociology. Such presentations have brought massive spiritual casualties upon the religious world.

Please consider why preachers ought to provide their listeners with direct scriptural citations:

(1) It helps the hearer learn the Bible. Its important to know precisely what the Bible teaches and where that teaching is found.

(2) It minimizes the making of vague allusions. Error is often not detected when disguised in Biblical sounding words or phrases excised from their original context.

(3) It provides constant reaffirmation of the authority of God's words. It impresses upon the hearer that the preacher is not speaking "of himself," or asserting his own ideas (lPet.4:11; 2Pet. 1:20,21), but rather is permitting God to speak for Himself. Explicitly telling the audience where the words are found in Scripture emphasizes to them that they are accountable to God - not the preacher. It is His words (not the preacher's) that are powerful (Rom. 1:16; Heb.4:12).

May religious people everywhere demand book, chapter and verse preaching!