Sacred Secret Service

J. D. Conley
January 27, 2013

The inaugural events of last week once again diverted our attention to the fact that the President has the omnipresent protection of the Secret Service. This obvious fact makes one wonder what is so "secret" about the Secret Service. Wherever the President is and regardless of what he is doing, his Secret Service detail is always at hand watching his every move and the moves of those around him.

The people of God likewise have One who is always watching them (Heb.4:13). However, we serve Hun and not the other way around. Serving Him provides us with provision and protection (Ps.l8:2). At times our service to Him is apparent and quite obvious (viz. assembling for worship, teaching and helping others). But at other tunes, perhaps most of the time, our service to Him is unseen and unrecognized by others. We do not serve God for the notice and accolades of men. We do not "sound a trumpet" when we help those hi need, (Mt.6:2). We do not "stand on street corners" proclaiming our piety to anyone who would lend an ear (Mt.6:5). We do not "wear a frown or a disheveled look" (Mt.6:16) as to cause others to say of us "look how religiously devoted they are!"

To the contrary the children of God are engaged hi sacred secret service. Our only interest is in pleasing our Creator and Lord. We disdain show and religious pretence of any kind. Instead, our service and our reward is often done and offered in a "closet" (Mt.6:6). This kind of service is what is satisfying to us and is pleasing to God. The fact that "He sees" is all that matters to us. The fact that "He rewards" is all that counts as far as we are concerned (Mt.6:6,18). May we wholeheartedly perform the duty of sacred secret service for the "King of kings and the Lord of lords" (1Tim.6:15).