Over The Cliff

J. D. Conley
January 13, 2013

"Raising the debt ceiling; Hyper-inflation; Tax Increases; Going over the fiscal cliff," are catch phrases that have punctuated the national news in recent months. These terms have struck fear and unrest in the minds of the general populace of America. Unfortunately, this uncertainty about our country's financial future has also had an impact on Christians.

Naturally, as United States citizens we are concerned about our economic future. No one enjoys higher taxes, soaring prices or an increase in the nation's already staggering debt. But at the same time we choose not to worry about such things because our faith does not rest in the material but the spiritual (2Cor.4:18). While it is true we are faced with many difficult problems and challenges, God tells us not to worry or fret over these temporal matters (Mt.6:25ff.). Not only do God's children choose not to be overly concerned about such things, they also choose to be joyful no matter their lot in life (Phi.4:4-7; Jas.1:2). To worry and wring our hands over things we cannot control demonstrates a lack of faith in God. Peter states, "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you" (lPet.5:7).

It is important that we do not go over the "spiritual cliff' while worrying about the "fiscal cliff." There is never a just cause for worry in the life of a Christian. Anxiety and faith do not mix, they are utterly incompatible, where one is present, the other cannot be.

Remember, our true "citizenship" is in heaven, (Phi.3:20, ASV) not the United States of America. Our allegiance is to Christ and the church, not to the dollar or a portfolio. Our concern is for the increase of souls saved, not taxes raised. Our aim is heaven, not a higher debt ceiling. Our thoughts are focused on an influx into the church, not inflation on commodities. Our minds are geared toward the tremendous debt we owe God and our fellow man, more than the debt we owe China.

During this unstable period in our country's history may every Christian give diligence to "thinking on right things, doing them, and the peace of God will be with us" (Phi.4:8-9). To react any differently to the problems of this life is to leap off a spiritual cliff.

"Have faith in God" (Mk.11:22)!