The Last Lord's Day

J. D. Conley
December 30, 2012

The title of this article is neither a prediction or a statement of absolute fact. Nevertheless, it may prove to be true (Mt.25:13). For sure, it is most certainly the last Lord's day of this year. But for the sake of provoking serious thought, let us assume that this is the last Lord's day. If indeed it is, then a number of sobering things should be considered.

If it is, this will be the last article you will ever read and the last one I will ever write. It means this is the last time on earth we shall ever assemble to worship Almighty God and remember the sacrifice of His only begotten Son on the cross. Today's observance of the Lord's Supper will be the last one to ever transpire here on earth. It will be the last time we will ever be blessed to "give as we have been prospered...and with a cheerful heart" (1 Cor. 16:2; 2Cor.9:7). If this is the last Lord's day in world history it means you will hear the last gospel sermon to fall from my lips and enter into your hearts. It means the last invitation song will be led and the last opportunity to make things right with God will be eternally gone. If one spurns Jesus1 loving terms of salvation, [faith, repentance, confession, and baptism for the remission of sins] they will never be offered again. That means today is the last day to "prepare to meet thy God" (Amos 4:12).

If you absolutely knew that today was the last Lord's day, how would it affect you? I would venture to say that we all would worship as fervently as humanly possible. The activities of this world (e.g., parties, trips, and get-togethers) would not once invade our thoughts. Our prayers would be most sincere and as the Lord's Supper was passed our minds would focus like a laser beam on Calvary and the body and blood of Christ. As the collection plate was passed we would gladly empty our purses and billfolds with joyful hearts. If we had anything that we remotely thought might be displeasing to God, we would bound down the aisle and make full confession of fault and enjoy complete restoration and fellowship with our Father.

In other words, if we knew this was the last Lord's day, we would make sure that our hearts, our worship, our words, our deeds and our relationships, were all in full compliance with God and His Word, (Jn.4:24).

If this turns out not to be the last Lord's day may we live the remaining days of our lives as though they were the last. Because one day that last day will arrive. One day we inevitably will see our last Lord's day.