The Mayans Were Wrong

J. D. Conley
December 23, 2012

Well, we're still here. The world did not end day before yesterday as the Mayans predicted it would. Even if it had, it would not have been because they, or anyone else for that matter, had predicted it. God is in control of this Universe, He is the One who created it, sustains it, and will decide on when to end it, (Gen.l:lff; Heb.l:3, 10-12; 2Pet.3:10-12). It is futile and arrogant of man to predict, much less dictate when the end of time will come. All we can know for sure is that its demise is coming sooner or later.

Furthermore, He has plainly told us in His Word that the time for the end of the world is known only to Him (Mk. 13:32-33). Instead of predicting the end of the world, mankind should be preparing and watching for its sudden and unexpected arrival. But we are not to watch in the sense that we are to gaze heavenward anticipating at any moment Jesus1 appearance in the clouds. That would be a form of idleness and idleness spawns an unprepared state. Rather, we watch in living our lives in such a way that we are ready to meet Him "in the twinkling of an eye" (1Cor.l5:52). To "watch"(Mk. 13:37) means to be prepared, and to be prepared means to watch. If man could pin point the end of the world it would undermine, if not negate the Lord's command to "watch and pray" (Mk. 13:33).

Instead of folks being consumed about knowing or pretending to know the end of the world, they ought to be engaged in preparing themselves for eternity. People need to be concerned over the right type of things, e.g., the spiritual as opposed to the material. How many times are people going to have to be duped before they realize that mere man is powerless to determine the date of this world's demise? May we take the Lord's Word at heart and do all we can to "prepare to meet our God" (Amos 4:12). When it comes to the numberless absurd predictions of the end of the world "…let God be true, but every man a liar" (Rom.3:4)!

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man…