The Bible - Our Only Guide

J. D. Conley
November 4, 2012

There exists a concerted effort today to discredit the Bible and its authority. The plea is made that Christianity centers in a person. That cannot be denied. Indeed Christianity centers in the Person that is Jesus Christ. Christ came to declare unto us the eternal Father. The only revelation we have of this Person is what is found in the Word of God. If the Word of God is discredited, then confidence in the revelation of Christ is destroyed. If God requires for us to know more of Christ than what the Bible reveals, and all that we know of Christ has been revealed, then the revelation would not be complete, and inspiration failed to give us all that is needfiil. Yet the apostle Paul asserts that the "Scriptures completely furnish us unto every good work" (2Tim.3:16-17).

We're also told that something more is necessary than faith in the Word of God, and submission to it. We are accused of believing only in a book. If the book reveals God and one believes that book, how could he help but believe in God? We are emphatically being told that people are converted only to a doctrine. That is a broad assertion without foundation and when one makes that statement, he enters into the broad field of judging hearts and motives of people.

The Word of God is being attacked and undermined. Terms are being thrown out like "bibliolatry," and "paper pope." The Word of God is being substituted in the hearts of people with feelings and emotions. Many have come to accept the fact that the Bible is a relic that should be discarded and forgotten.

What the world needs today is a full-scale retum to the "Book of books." Do your part in meeting this dire need. Remind everyone that the Bible, and flue Bible alone, is our only guide from earth to heaven.