Charles C. Pugh III
May 12, 2013

The last verse in the marvelous concluding chapter of the unparalleled book of Proverbs says “Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates" (Prov. 31:31). The observation is also made that “her children rise up and call her blessed” (Prov. 31:28). One other, in commenting on the preceding verse said, “My children just rise up and call me!”

Mothers should be honored because of what they have given and the extent to which they have given. There is a story of the poor woman who denied herself everything possible in order to send her son to college. When graduation came she tried to excuse herself from attending the ceremonies because of her shabby clothing. She was afraid that he would be ashamed. She did not want to embarrass her son. However, the son insisted that she attend, and he escorted her to a seat near the front of the auditorium where the graduation was to take place. To her surprise, he was announced as valedictorian of his class, and he received numerous honors. When the prize was given to him he immediately went down from the raised platform and, before the entire audience, he handed the prize to his mother realizing she made it possible.

Mothers give life. There is a sense in which a other sacrifices her life for her children. Have you ever stopped to give deep thought to what your mother must have gone through for you to have life. There is a sense in which all mothers have come near death for their child (cf. Jon 16:21). Someone has suggested that when the word Mother was formed they took the M and added other. Mothers are “others-oriented.”

Alexander Campbell said, “The babe that smiles in your arms, and finds its support and its refuge in your bosom, receives its first impression from you. It recognizes a relation existing between you and it before it forms an idea of a father....Your countenance is the first volume it reads....Its articulations are formed from yours, and your language is the first it can understand... You, then, occupy a place which cannot be rivaled...Do not be startled when I tell you that you are, by law of nature, which is the law of God, as well ass by his written word, ordained to be the only preachers of the gospel, properly so called to your own offspring....[Y]ou can preach the gospel to them better than any Doctor of Divinity that ever lived. You can narrate to them the nativity of life, the words and deeds of Messiah; you can open their minds how he died for our sins, and how he rose for our justification...How blissful the privilege, and how high the honor conferred on you...!” (Christian Baptist, June 27, 1824, 69).

Mothers, what a privilege bestowed upon you! Putting aside all of the trials, heartaches, difficulties, forgetfulness, ingratitude, and disappointments that we, your children, sometimes cause to come your way, you’re still by the grace of God, blessed to share in one of earth’s greatest callings.

Praise the Lord!