The Harmar Hill Church of Christ

The Harmar Hill congregation was formed in 1954 after the pattern of the Church as recorded in Acts Chapter 2. The current building as built in 1955 and then remodeled and added to in 1988. The first elders were appointed in 1963 and included Don Busch, Glenn Briggs, Howard Doak and Vernon Lankford. Others who have served as elders are: Oscar Davis, Paul Ulmer, Ray Morris and Michael Dettorre.

The congregation is now served by the following elders and deacons:
Elders: J.D. Conley and Paul Wells.
Deacons: Kin Brewer, Ted Patterson and Charlie Sayre.

Harmar Hill has been served faithfully by the following evangelists: W. Leon Mathany (1955,-1958), Jess W. Nutter (1959-1976), Richard Perrault (1976-1978), W. Terry Varner (1978-1997), Bob Vincent (1997-2003) and J.D. Conley (2004-present). 

Evangelists who have served as assistant ministers were Charles C. Pugh III (1970-1972), Dillon C. Bayes (1972-1975), Tim Rine (1980-1983), John Chowning (1983-1986) and Eric Dougherty (1999-2003).

The congregation provided 'the first house for the preacher on land donated by brother and Sister Ira Doak in 1958. The present preacher's house was built in 1971 on the adjoining lot to the church building.

The Harmar Hill congregation sponsored a "Words for Living" radio program over WBRJ for 30 years until the station ceased operation. It was the longest continuous religious broadcast among brethren in the nation, benevolent work is an ongoing outreach program for the congregation. Presently the congregation supports Love & Care (home for the elderly), Mid-Western Children's Home, Potters Children's Home and several missionary efforts regularly including Clyde Antwine's work in Germany and missionary support in Guyana. 

The Harmar Hill Church has a rich heritage and is an active New Testament Church which 
plans to be a continuing source of light to the community.

The Church of Christ is a undenominational body which has no creed or doctrine other than the Bible and, therefore, has no statement of faith other than the Bible. We expound upon beliefs from the Bible, which is not open to private interpretation (2 Peter 1:20) and can speak for itself.

God's Plan of Salvation

1. Hear the Word of God
(Matthew 7:24-27, John 5:24, Romans 10:17)

2. Believe the Word of God
(John 3:16, John 8:24, John 20:29)

3. Repent of your sins
(Luke 13:3, Acts 17:30, Acts 3:19)

4. Confess your belief that Jesus is the Christ
(Matthew 10:32, Romans 10:9-10)

5. Be baptized for the forgiveness of sins
(Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16, 1 Peter 3:21)

6. Live a faithful Christian life
(2 Timothy 2:12, Revelation 2:10, Revelation 22:14)

Paul Wells
J.D. Conley
Kin Brewer
Ted Patterson
Charlie Sayre
Kin Brewer